(Pt. 1/5) Natural Laws of Xsauce

Over the next few weeks we’re going to share the underlying principles which govern the Xsauce ecosystem. We want to share our foundational ideology which was borne from a deep understanding of systems. As you follow us on this journey, you’ll understand why this matters to us and should matter to all stewards of culture in the web3 space.

UNIFIED by @altitxde

Let’s begin with an unfortunate truism. Not every “functioning” system is sustainable. Many systems are one-dimensional or ignore important externalities. Our energy usage, political and social systems, supply chains, education systems — the list goes on with inefficient systems which mismanage various forms of capital. The fatal flaw is that these systems seek to operate in isolated pockets, as if the implications have no knock-on effect. The reality is that life, nature and society are all complex systems reliant on a delicate balance between all the actors.

What makes a system truly sustainable is the ability to respond to feedback. Think of a healthy human body. There are so many feedback loops which regulate hunger, sleep and our moods. Satiation in these areas is a result of ongoing conversations between our biological systems, each adjusting and adapting to the internal and external conditions to achieve homeostasis.

This is why Xsauce was designed to reflect natural systems. Natural systems do not aim to predict the multitude of outcomes, rather they respond as needed. They are built for their conditions, making evolutionary adaptations to improve the likelihood of survival. That is the story of humankind.

This brings us to our first natural law.

1. “First Law of Sauce”

Sauce (SAUX) is neither created nor destroyed, it’s simply transformed. Just like energy within a system, sauce assumes temporary states; bending, flexing and molding itself to fit the needs of the circumstances. Sauce is permanent and in perpetual motion.

This fluidity is important because culture has the same properties. It feeds off ingenuity and creative prowess. Culture is like a shark, it must continue to move in search of the novel, the obscure and the boundary-pushing.

The Xsauce ecosystem is designed to create a seamless flow of sauce from one form to another. This could be across xAssets (e.g. sneaker to a watch) or from currency to governance token. The sauce is the elemental fiber, the nucleotides of our DNA.

The SAUX is forever


Xsauce is built to be one with culture, to benefit from the creative potential that is the life force of web3. It’s why the proceeds from the Xvault go to our community fund to support emergent designers. It’s why we reward our community with exclusive access to the Xhibit. Xsauce is truly and ecosystem and we believe everything in life is connected.

Culture is ours.



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