(Pt. 3/5) : Natural Laws of Xsauce

The Law of Attraction 🧲

We want to start by saying thanks for all the love we’re getting. Even just knowing one person is reading this makes us feel pretty special. Our aim was to use this forum as a means to share what inspires us, what motivates us and what we want to give back to the world. It’s been a pretty cool few months of sharing our story with you all.

We made a post last week about Xsauce being a passion project. From the beginning Xsauce has been a burning desire, a tireless endeavor borne out of multiple layers of frustration with what was out there. We’ve spent months harnessing our creativity so that we could flip the system upside down. No matter what the hurdle, challenge or barrier we faced an enduring truth prevailed.

3. The Law of Attraction

The “Law of Attraction” is a really important force for us. It represents a metaphysical truth which governs our lives. A truth which defines reality and follows a simple premise:

“Your life is guided by your thoughts”

Put another way, what you think about is what you attract.

Pause for a moment and think about your inner voice (we all have one). Our inner voice can be our biggest fan or our worst enemy. That voice can offer positive affirmations or condemn us to failure. It’s critical that we acknowledge the weight our inner voice can have on our reality. There’s good news though — that voice is a byproduct of our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind (or deliberate thought process) feeds our subconscious, and in turn, the subconscious steers the ship. That can sound kinda scary, but remember you’re in control of your thoughts. You chose the words to put to your experiences.

The Law of Attraction can also be interchangeable with the act of manifesting; a deliberate practice of pointing your mind’s eye towards a specific outcome so that your subconscious actions work in harmony towards that destination. It’s an intentional way to accelerate the collective power of your body, mind and spirit.


If you truly understand the power of manifesting and the Law of Attraction, then you know it that it can have a profound impact on your life. For us, this law has defined our journey. It’s found us our earliest members, friends, partners, advisors, contributors — all people who “somehow” crossed our orbit. That “somehow” was a result our internal state of mind. Our openness and self-belief has been contagious, it has fostered the best relationships and fuelled some amazing ideas.

So where are we going with all of this? (aka the conclusion)

The Law of Attraction is an unrivalled force that allows you to bring your vision into the world. This law jumpstarted a powerful flywheel that’s led us down this path.

At the end of the day, this is about believing in yourself. Believing in your ideas and not letting them die before they even had a chance. It’s a reminder to nourish your subconscious so that your inner voice can be there to lift you up. That little voice is powerful; it shapes your self-concept and how you’re viewed by others. That voice shapes your reality, so put the vibes out there and watch the universe bend in your direction.

Culture is ours.



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